Identity Design



The Inside Joe is a free-flowing conversational podcast hosted by Chicagoans Joe Yoon and Andre Rodriguez, two young adults in their early 30s who met while working at a financial company striving to introduce more creativity and thoughtful comversations into their lives. They started their podcast to do just that. Through curated topics and guest speakers, the podcast dives into the adventures, challenges and mishaps of being a millennial adult in the US.

Intellectually Playful
Given the light-hearted, informal and raw nature of the podcast, Joe and Andre wanted to rebrand The Inside Joe to truly represent the heart and soul of the show. The original logo was a far departure from the podcast’s essence, and did not represent the youthfulness and authenticity that The Inside Joe represents. The goal is to attract a younger and more diverse audience, and to give The Inside Joe the genuine, candid and raw visual identity that matches the nature of the show and its hosts.
The approach to redesigning The Inside Joe's logo stemmed from their desire to steer away from the generic and safe to an edgy, playful and somewhat abstract brand. The decision to create a dynamic, geometric and punk-inspired logo came from these conversations. This allows for a logo that is effecient, effective and dynamic in nature that can live seamlessly across various platforms and applications.