UI/UX Design

Customer Journey Mapping


Marketplace All is a new online marketplace for home goods with a focus on good design, quality and affordability.

The primary goal of Marketplace All is to bring different like-minded brands together in one place, so people can discover new things and save time when searching for furniture and objects for their homes. The intended target audience is middle-class adults living in urban areas, particularly those in creative industries — design, architecture, art, etc.


Nura Husseini (UX/UI Design)
Kristen AC (Visual Design)
UX Challenges
The main objective was figuring out how users should navigate through Marketplace all seamlessly to find exactly what they need and to save time. What makes Marketplace All different is their focus on making online shopping for high-quality, affordable and beautifully designed items accessible. That's why the goal for the online experience was to also be as user-friendly and accessible as possible.
Know Thy Customer
After conducting thorough research and reviewing customer feedback, users emphasized their frustrations when searching for affordable, well-designed and unique things for their homes. Some were able to find well-designed objects on sale at larger stores, or even cheaper at thrift shops or vintage stores, but they were often hard to come by or not fitting their aesthetic, and often looked for a store that focused on both design and affordability. With those concerns in mind, Marketplace All's aim is to become a specialized e-commerce platform that met all of their clients' needs.
Thoughtfully Designed Solutions
Competitors of Marketplace All varied in their online marketplace strategies, however, the main observation was that their websites often did not focus on making the user experience as seemless as possible. Some of the problems found included, lack of transparacy on pricing, no option for curating or saving lists, and overwhelming pages with too much information and lack of structure. With that insight in mind, I approached desiging Marketplace All's website to focus on their core values of accessiblity through transparency and seemless user experience.
The website features carefully curated sections by the Marketplace All team on the homepage, but also encourages users to curate and share their own selections once they create an account. The pricing is always included with each item, along with images and a thorough description. The user and team curated lists are featured on each item the user views, allowing them to find similar items through the Marketplace All community.
Making Accessibility Beautiful
Designers often feel that designing for accessibility means at best being severely limited and at worst having to make some that is ugly. When in fact designing for accessibility means that everyone can find pleasure, beauty and enjoyment from something you have made.