Editorial Design




FNewsmagazine is an award-winning journal of arts, culture, and politics edited and designed by students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). The print edition is published eight times a year and distributed for free around the city Chicago.

As a designer, I was involved in a wide range of tasks, from designing spreads for print issues, creating graphics for digital distribution on the FNewsmagazine website and social media, and creating illustrations for a total of four printed publications over the span of 7 months.

Spread from the September 2019 issue of FNewsmagazine featuring interviews with SAIC students sharing their thoughts on summer 2019, AI and aliens by Lid Madrid. Design: Nura Husseini

Page and spread from the October 2019 issue. Left: Article by Cat Cao and Leo Smith predicting the 2020 presidential elections. Right: Article by Darshita Jain highlighting SAIC's 6th annual Bibliodérive at the Flaxman Library. Illustrations and design: Nura Husseini

Spreads from the November 2019 issue. Left: Article by Luis López Levi reviewing the Block Museum's Pop América exhibition on Latin American artists' politiciziation of pop art, and a review by Kristin Leigh Hofer of Julia Fisher's abstract architectural paintings previusly on view at the DePaul Art Museum. Right: vertical center-spread of Leah Gallant's article discussing the controversy around the George Washington murals at the San Francisco highschool. Design: Nura Husseini